BACHdimensional the actual live-project of Klangspiegel: a choreography consisting electronic sound, light and dance, based of Johann Sebastian Bachs works for keyboard.

For the forst time in the performance-history the single voices are presented as a multichannel projection with a lot of relations
· between the composition and the auditory which are right in the middle of the musical event by using new sounds for the single voices and their room-projection
· between music and architecture by spacialization of the musical structure and
· between architecture, music and light design, which visualizes the room, the acoustical occurrence and as a counterpoint to the musical structure.

Light and dance are an enhancement of this spatiotemporal event. Bach’s »Art of Fugue« as a synesthetical total work of art based on a room-sound-light-motion.

The first realized project is [the electronic art of fugue], further projects are in progress.