HSUD 274

HSUD 274 (1992)

A soundprocess – 10:38 min (Live realization at Preetz 2015)
(For playback the low frequencies please use external loudspeakers.)


      HSUD 274 (1992) - Live performance 2015

HSUD 274 is a composition of a soundprocess based on sinus-waves.

The score is written in a traditional way and contains the accords and tone-series. The structure is designed in a grafic manner and contains the information of the sound-shaping.

1. building up the low frequencies and the impulse-series [0:00 – 1:00]
2. counterpoint with descending whisteling, collection of the deep sounds [1:00 – 3:00]
3. agglomeration of deep sounds and impulses at the same time
4. constitution of an accord with 13 voices with a slowly increasing [after 3:00]
5. the great peak after 8 octaves, slightly asynchronous  [at approx. 6:00]
6. decreasing of the accord [after 6:10]
7. reducing to single impulses, conclusion with deep frequencies  [8:30 – approx. 11:00]

Awarded with the 2nd prize of the 5th composition-contest for synthesizer- and computer-music by the Neue Akademie Braunschweig e.V. First release in context of the night of media during the 13th synthesizer-music-festival at 29. October 1994 in the Forum of the Landesmuseum Braunschweig.