Strukturen (Structures)

Strukturen (1994) – Structures

Algorithmic Compositions

Structures were realized in 1994 with special algorithms for the organization of pitches, velocity-values, durations and rhythmical processes. These Structures were realized and performed with »Dr. T’s keyboard controlled sequenzer«.
The sound-shaping, programmed with Max/MSP,  based on one single DX7-II Piano-Sound using several system-exclusive-parameters to modify the envelope-parameters and some modulators of the FM-operators. The note-on- and the note-off-command always changed one parameter in a random mode.

Structure No. 1 (3:21 min.)

      Structure No. 1

Structure No. 2 (4:22 min.)

      Structure No. 2

Structure No. 3 (4:36 min.)

      Structure No. 3

Performed in 1994 on January 16th, recorded with a Sony DAT-Tape. This audio files based on the original tape.