Structures (1994/2020)

Structures (1994/2020)

Algorithmic compositions

These structures use the same material, from which eleven variants were realized on the 16th of January 1994. In contrast to the three original and unchanged structures 1-3, in the following examples the tonal appearance was partially changed considerably between April and May 2020.

For this purpose, individual effects and whole effect chains were used, which on the one hand only modified the subtle material and on the other hand to the point of being almost completely unrecognizable. In some of the structures, the MIDI events derived from the sound were used to add more layers of sound.

The German titles were taken over unchanged.


Anhebende Anläufe (6:53 min.)

      Anhebende Anläufe

Schwärme (Assai leggiero) (4:47 min.)

      Schwärme (Assai leggiero)

In vermeintlicher Tiefe (5:01 min.)

      In vermeintlicher Tiefe

Die Rasenden (Scherzo) (4:28 min.)

      Die Rasenden (Scherzo)

Wandelnde Figuren (7:06 min.)

      Wandelnde Figuren

… und für Klavier (Adagio) (6:56 min.)

      … und für Klavier (Adagio)

Verflechtungen (Tranquillo) (4:12 min.)

      Verflechtungen (Tranquillo)

Ausklänge (Un poco pesante) (2:51 min.)

      Ausklänge (Un poco pesante)

The tonal modifications were made with Ableton Live and Max4Live.