Konzert der Stille (Concert of Silence)

An evening with meditation & soundscapes

Our focus is on guided meditations and acoustical experience. We find out the silence of our ambiance, our emotions and mind.

We generate soundscapes in order to our daily sounds and noise. Therefore we use simple instruments, our body or voice – we generate our own sound-process.

You need no musical knowledge and no knowledge in meditation.

The Konzert der Stille took place on following days and locations:
Thursday, 29. September und Friday, 30. September 2011 sowie Thursday, 27. October 2011 at Kirche der Stille, Helenenstraße 14a, 22765 Hamburg
Wednesday, 14. November und Tuesday, 18. December 2012 at Kokoro, Preystraße 4, 22303 Hamburg
Friday, 15. February 2013 at Kokoro, Preystraße 4, 22303 Hamburg

Moderation: Harriet Oerkwitz & Joachim Stange-Elbe