The Mind Behind

Joachim Stange-Elbe

born 1956 in Baden-Baden, Germany
artist, computer-musician and scientist in Hamburg

studies in musicology, german language, literature studies and philosophy in Freiburg i.B.

installation of a private computermusic-studio (1989);
founder member of the Center for Electronic Music (ZeM) in Freiburg

concerts and sound installations in several cities of germany;
scientific researches in music- and media-technology and computerperformance;
dissertation on the significance of electroacoustic media for the music in the 20th century;
postdoctoral lecture qualification on music-technology approaches in analytic and performance-theory of J.S. Bach’s »Art of Fugue«
apl. Prof. at University of Osnabrück

teaching activities at miscellaneous german universities

foundation of Klangspiegel electronic & classic (2007)